Housing Issues

Are you struggling to keep a roof over your head?

Is your health, finances or family issues affecting your ability to pay rent?

Do you need support to cope with complicated life challenges affecting your independent living?

Our Housing Support Service works with people over 16 who are having problems where they are currently living which undermine their ability to live independently. You may be at risk of being evicted, more than one month in rent arrears, experiencing problems with money, mental and physical health, drug and/or alcohol dependency or other issues. We can support you to take control of your situation so that you can continue to live independently.

Our Resilience Service works with people at an early stage of being at Risk of Homelessness. We help to prevent you becoming homeless and build resilience to prevent a repeat of these risks. You may be less than one month in rent/mortgage arrears due to change of income, physical or mental health issues or perhaps a recent bereavement or family breakdown.

If you are currently homeless our Rough Sleeper Outreach service could provide you with support around health, money, and moving on from homelessness. Sometimes we are able to provide somewhere to stay whilst we support you to find somewhere more settled.

If you are between 16-25 years old our HIT Young People Housing Support can provide advice, support and accommodation in the Chiltern District of Amersham, Chesham and surrounding areas.

Our Connect ILS service supports older people who are living in Independent Living Accommodation. With our support you can remain independent, get involved in new things, overcome obstacles that have previously stopped you from doing things you enjoy. We can provide practical help such as provision of aids and adaptations, dealing with financial issues and emotional support to help you rebuild your confidence and get involved in your local community.

For more information or to discuss any of our projects or services in Buckinghamshire, please call: 01296 484322 or use the contact form