A day in the life of a support worker

A day in the life of Adrian9am: I met with pregnant client at oxford city council offices to provide more info for application to housing register and discuss options

10.30 am: Took phone call from applicant who was due to be assessed today but was unable to keep the appointment. We arranged another one for next week.

11 am: Met with client to try to find out where initial backdated payment of benefit had gone as it got lost somewhere between the DWP and the bank.

1 pm: Arranged appointment with new client to meet advisor at the council to ensure we had the information correct regarding housing benefit and council tax payments so we were sure we were doing the right things.

3 pm: Discussion with sister-in-law and translator for client who doesn’t speak English regarding work which private-rented landlord is supposed to be doing to make accommodation fit for habitation.

3.30 pm: I made phone call to client who is nearly at maximum two-year limit for support to discuss ending support.

4 pm: Sent letter to telephone support client whose 12 week support period is ending to discuss ending support and reassure that we can help under duty provision in the future if needed.

5 pm: Then phone call to another telephone support client to get update on court case involving domestic violence towards her which will affect her options.

 – Adrian Davey, Support Worker

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