Why we do it

Our Vision and Mission

Connection Support exists to help people to change their lives, in small ways and big ways, by building confidence, exploring resources and developing skills so that a wide range of people who are facing significant challenges can live as independently as possible.

Connection believes in the people that we support, and that they can identify and realise their aspirations, however, complex or entrenched.

To explore new and different ways of achieving properly funded services over a range of client groups

Connection believes that Prevention should be a central part of the provision of support.

To provide excellent support which is Personalised, Aspirational and based on forensic analysis of difficulty.

To tailor support services to the needs of Service Users and Commissioners and work creatively to maximise the value of the work we do in a time of reducing resources.

Connection effectively delivers support ensuring the most efficient use of support time to have the greatest impact on people’s lives.

Our Values

A curious approach to understanding the realities of every service user.

A commitment to finding ways of being genuinely and positively relevant in every life we touch.

Belief in the capability of everyone we work with.

Valuing difference in service users and staff.

Helping people achieve and retain independence.

Employing highly skilled staff.

Involving people in communities.