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Adrian’s Story – Padstones resident

Adrian came to Padstones over two years ago. He has worked hard to manage his anxieties and understood the impact of accepting the support he needed. While with us, he came to key work on a regular basis and received online support through the Mental Health Team.

He had always wanted to attend University but he didn’t think this would happen when he first arrived at Padstones. With the self-care skills he has learnt and support from his key worker, Caroline. Adrian is studying Criminal Psychology at University. He is doing well and receives support from Havenfield as a move-on client.


Adrian shares his personal journey –

“Within my nearly two years of being at Connection Support, I changed a lot, I achieved this myself but with the helping hand of Connection Support. I needed to become independent and so I was assisted in reaching this goal, this was done by giving a hand when I needed it, nothing was done for me which was right for me. If there was something I wanted to do I was given the help or the direction to do it, this was done throughout my entire time at Padstones. This contributed massively to me growing as a person, making me comfortable enough to move out. Even when I moved out I was given the assistance I needed – payment for the deposit, help to talk to the agency, moving all my stuff over to the new place and so much more. All this support was monumental to my current state, from helping me understand and get over some of my mental health issues, to giving me confidence in going to University.”

Caroline Sherman-Thomas, Support Worker at Connection Support said: “I am extremely proud of how far Adrian has come.”

You can find out more about Padstones Supported Accommodation here.

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