Boost – Parenting Advice and Support

About the service

Boost provides support and advice to parents as part of the Buckinghamshire Family Support Service. The service is delivered through a team of trained volunteers we call Parenting Mentors.

What can we help with?

Boost provides support, motivation, encouragement and advice to parents to take steps towards creating a more stable and positive environment in which their children can thrive.

Do you meet the criteria?

This service is for parents living in Buckinghamshire. Access is via a referral from the Family Support Service.

What can I expect from the Service?

Following a referral to Boost, parents will have an initial assessment with a Family and Volunteer Supervisor at which they will identify 3 clear goals they would like to achieve with the support of the volunteer Parenting Mentor.

The goals could involve:

  • Supporting families to enhance their skills, knowledge and resilience
  • Supporting parents to build self-esteem and confidence in their parenting role, increasing parental wellbeing
  • Connecting families to local services and support, building supportive social networks
  • Supporting parents to identify children’s needs and how to meet those e.g. healthy meals, GP and dental appointments/creating routines
  • Provide guidance, advice and support for parents and carers to enable their children to build their own resilience, stay safe and access learning opportunities and education.

How do we work?

Once a parent has been assigned a volunteer Parenting Mentor they will help you achieve personal and family goals identified by the Family and Volunteer Supervisor.

Your Parenting Mentor will visit you in your own home or a place agreed at least once a week for up to six months. They are there to listen, provide encouragement and support to parents working towards agreed solutions. They may also provide suggestions and advice where appropriate or signpost you to places of support in your community.

We will offer you a service that is

Non-judgemental, our Parenting Mentors are there to provide practical support and a listening ear. They want to see you thrive as a parent and achieve your goals. They are flexible to meet in your home or at an agreed family-friendly place e.g. community café or play centre.

How can I apply?

You can request help via the Family Support Service. Alternatively, visit your local Family Centre for advice and access to the most appropriate service for you.

You can’t refer yourself directly to Connection Support for our Boost service.

How to find out more


Tel 01296 484322

Boost is part of the

Family Support Service


Who is the service funded by?

Buckinghamshire Council