Oxfordshire Homeless Support

The Service

Our Homeless Support service provides accommodation and support to single homeless people over the age of 18. We have 50 rooms in a mixture of shared houses in Oxford, Witney and Banbury in which we can support you for up to 6 months to build skills and move to more long-term independent living.

You will have to pay a small service charge whilst you are in our houses

What can we help with?

Develop your goals and aspirations.
Provide training and coaching in one or more areas of independence
Help you learn to manage your money and paying your bills.
Being someone willing to listen to your problems and to help you decide how to deal with them
Support you in dealing with any drug or alcohol issues.
Help you to understand your rights and responsibilities
Jointly devise a structured programme of daytime activities including getting in touch with community groups and facilities
Plan for move on – supporting you to be actively seeking alternative accommodation

Meet with you regularly to discuss progress of your plan and work through any blocks to your goals and aspirations

Do you meet the criteria?

You need to be over 18 and homeless to access the Countywide Oxfordshire Homeless Pathway. You will need to be ‘verified’ by one of the  Rough Sleeper outreach service before you can be offered one of the assessment bedrooms. Depending on the outcome of the assessment you may be offered a place in one of our houses or one provided by one of our partner organisations.

How we work?

Positive Starts…

By listening to what you want and is friendly, organised and reliable
By informing you of your rights and responsibilities
By helping you put your decisions into practice, but doesn’t do everything for you

We work closely with other agencies to provide the best service possible; sometimes we may need to share information and this will be done on a strictly “need-to-know” basis, after consultation with you. This may involve sharing information relating to risks to the public, staff or yourself.

We work with you to establish what your priorities strengths and skills are. This helps us to see what support you may need. Over the following 6-9 months we will work with you through a structured programme of support including employment and skills, participation in your local community and moving on, to maximise your ability to live independently and achieve your aspirations.

We will also support you with an Action plan for moving on that will include actively seeking alternative accommodation, attending possible work placements, applying for jobs completing a Tenancy Ready course as part of a portfolio to show prospective landlords.

What happens at the end of the pathway?

At the end of the pathway you will have a Single Offer of Independent Move on Accommodation. Connection Support will continue to offer resettlement support into this accommodation for a period of up to 3 months. Move on accommodation is likely to be in Private Rented Accommodation.

How can I apply?

You can’t directly apply for this service. Access is via verification and assessment through our Rough Sleeper Outreach service.

Verifications in Oxford City are covered by OxSpot/St Mungo’s – call 07590 862049 or email outreach.oxford@mungos.org.

Who is the service funded by?