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Our Methods of Work

Our Methods of Work provides a clear structure and methodology to deliver our specialist support and provides a clear picture to commissioners and other stakeholders about how we provide life-changing work that gets results.

It has evolved over time and is deeply influenced by feedback from both Service Users and the excellent staff who deliver the support with their wide range of skills.

Our Clients are at the Core

Connection Support starts with the focus on encouraging the client to define what needs to change and to empower them to seek resolutions.

Our approach is:

  • Person-Centred
  • Psychologically informed
  • Focussed on achievements
  • Considerate and compassionate about the experience of every person.

We work with people to make their own skills visible and give them self-confidence to reach their own solutions. As such our clients define the problem, generate alternatives and implement the solutions with a support worker who enables, encourages, motivates, believes and coaches them to positive results.

Staff use a forensic technique based on the principle that previous difficulties and risks are the best indicator of future risk.

For more information please download Connection Support Methods of Work.


Client Involvement

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What we do to change lives

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Our Mission & Values

Our Mission & Values

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