How your donation could help

Many of the people we help are either homeless or at risk of becoming so. We understand that there’s often many reasons why people find themselves sleeping rough, and we work to address each of those issues. By offering tailored, one-to-one support and sustainable accommodation, we help people change their lives for the better.

Donations help the people we support in several ways; whether it’s by providing them with a hygiene pack, cold weather clothing like hats and gloves, or by delivering training on how to maintain a tenancy and budget, every donation makes a difference in someone’s life.

Here's how your donation could be used:

  • £5 could provide someone with a basic hygiene pack
  • £10 could provide someone with a hat, gloves and scarf
  • £25 could pay for ID to help someone get a bank account, a job and apply for benefits
  • £75 could pay for a professional counselling session
  • £100 could help someone equip their new home with essentials (bedding, towels, crockery)
  • £150 could provide training on how to maintain a tenancy and budgeting

We recognise that some people prefer to send us their donation as a cheque. If this suits you best, please make the cheque payable to Connection Support and send it to:

Finance Department
Connection Support,
The Old School,
First Turn,

You can also transfer your fundraising donation directly to our bank account or set up a standing order donation. If you’d like our bank details or a standing order form please contact our Finance Department.


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