Muslim Mother Hugging Daughters In City Park

“I didn’t know what would happen to me and my daughters” – Nesrin’s Story

I wasn’t in my country before coming to the UK. My daughters and I were in a different country going through harsh conditions and pressure. Our lives were all misery and sadness, there was nothing joyful in it, we suffered a lot. I didn’t know what would happen to us.

When I heard that my application had been accepted to the UK, I was very happy, and the Connection Support team were the first people I met and began to benefit from their services. When we arrived, a team of five people welcomed me and my daughters.

“They welcomed us warmly as if they had known us for a long time, and they were smiling and helping us carry our bags.”

They helped me manage my daily life making contracts with electricity, water and internet, as well as registering with the NHS and booking appointments. Even when I had an accident on the bus, the Team Manager Debbie took great care of me, and her care made me feel like I had a family.

My life is stable now, and I have become more confident, especially after I got a job and my daughters go to school. I’ve started to feel a lot safer and more comfortable. I hope to complete the English language levels and be able to study at university. I want to help people just as Connection Support helped me, and I would like to see my eldest daughter achieving her dream of becoming a lawyer.

My daughters and I are so grateful for the Connection Support services, and we are thankful for Debbie and all the Support Workers who helped us.

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