My Life Fest Event Client Consent Form

Please complete the form below if you have submitted creative work for the booklet and would like to take part in the Live Zoom event on 4th February 2021 starting at 3pm.

If we don’t receive your consent by the end of Thursday 28th January we cannot guarantee your work will be included in the event.

Any questions please contact Cate at Connection Support.

My Life Fest Client Consent Form

Attending a live recorded event.
  • Please provide your name as per your creative work consent form.
  • Please provide your email so we can send you the Zoom invite.
  • My Life Fest Live will be via Zoom and recorded. The unedited recording will be shared online for anyone to view.
  • What you want someone else to say - how this helps your wellbeing, why you do what you do, how you got into it, explain the process you go through to create the end piece, etc.