Partnerships are central to the work of Connection Support at every level.

All of the work we do to support people involves partnerships with a range of health, housing and social care professionals involving advocacy, brokerage and challenge to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Every Connection Support service/project is a partnership between us, commissioners and clients. We pride ourselves on this partnership approach and receive very positive feedback from commissioners on our ability to:

  • Set up new projects in line with the vision of commissioners and clients.
  • Remodel projects with client input including positive management of reduced resources.

“From the Chief Exec down, I have a huge respect for the work and professionalism of Connection Support's staff, and their openness and engagement in communication” - Commissioner

Formal Partnerships

Oxford Mental Health Partnership

We took a full role in the “Capable Provider Process” to create an Outcome-Based Contract with Oxford Health NHS Trust, Response, Restore, Oxfordshire Mind and Elmore. We are contributing fully to the Single Point of Access approach, which is one facet of a fully integrated set of mental health services across the statutory and third sectors. This has led to:

Oxfordshire Homeless Pathway

We created partnerships with Response, Cottsway Housing and Cherwell District Council to deliver 47 units of accommodation for homeless people in ordinary homes with provisions across the Districts to meet local needs.

Oxfordshire Homeless Movement

Connection Support is an OHM charity partner. We have joined with other local charities and have signed up for the Oxfordshire Rough Sleeping Charter.

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Oxford Mental Health Partners

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