Tenancy Ready

The Service

This is a project that is run in connection with Oxford City Council to help new tenants to understand what the expectations are around managing and sustaining a tenancy either through social housing or the private sector.
Renting a home of your own can be both exciting and a bit scary, but it can work really well.
The key is to prepare for it properly.
This means learning how to find somewhere you can afford, what your rights and responsibilities are and how to manage your money.
This course helps you find out everything you need to know.

What can we help with?

The Course covers five modules:

  1. Understanding Housing & Tenancy Options
  2. Renting Rights & Responsibilities
  3. Money Matters
  4. Maintaining your home
  5. Pro’s & Con’s of Shared Living

A voucher will be awarded on completion of the course

Who is this service for?

Any family in temporary accommodation provided by Oxford City Council where the council have a statutory duty to house you.
Any family currently in a tenancy who is looking at possible homelessness in the near future.

How do we work?

You may only need to do some of the modules but could do all of them.
You can cover the modules on a one to one basis with a worker, alternatively, you may like to do them in a small group with others.

There is no pass or fail with the course.

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