We recently made the decision to move from our current office at 213 Barns Road to a new premises in Wolvercote. This decision was made following long term feedback from staff whom regularly use the office, as well as a number of other factors. We want to continue providing the highest quality of support to our clients and we felt this move will allow us to do that.

As a charity, we truly appreciate the generosity of others when it comes to supporting our work, and so we have put together a list of different ways that you can contribute to our move. We'd like to do this in a sustainable manner, and so we'd gratefully accept donated, second-hand items. Of course, if you're able to support in other ways, such as offering a discount on new items, that would help us tremendously too.

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Access Ramp

Currently, our new office does not have an access ramp, so we'd like to install one. We want our office to be a space that everyone can use, so installing an access ramp is a priority of ours.

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Electric Bikes

Transport can be a huge barrier for our clients, and so our staff regularly make arrangements to meet with them at a convenient location. To become more sustainable, we'd like to have a small number of electric bikes available for our team to use, replacing the need to use cars across the city.

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To ensure our new offices are clearly signposted, we'll need to get new signage. This will help people to navigate their way around the premises.

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Having somewhere for staff to go to take a breather has been shown to contribute to better wellbeing. So, to deck out our staff breakout area, we'd like to lay a new carpet to make it a welcoming environment.

Screen printed mugs

We'd like to get some branded mugs for our new office, so if you run a printing business and can support by offering a small discount on the printing costs, we'd greatly appreciate it.


We'll be hot desking in our new office, so we'd like to have some lockers for staff so they can leave items, such as laptops and paperwork, securely overnight.

Graffiti Mural

We'd like to brighten up our large function room with some artwork, so we're looking for a graffiti artist to use one of our walls as a blank canvas.

Amazon Wishlist

If none of the above is suitable but you'd still like to help, you can visit our Amazon Wishlist.