We’re looking for volunteers who can provide useful information to people over the phone in cases where full service is not considered necessary

We’re looking for volunteers to provide ongoing support to clients whose service with us has come to an end to ensure they stay on track with maintaining their tenancy

We are looking for volunteers in Oxfordshire (primarily Cherwell district) to provide one to one English practice and teaching support, and support for clients to access existing local provisions for language learning

We are looking for volunteers in Oxfordshire to support with the interpretation and translation of verbal and written information.

We are looking for English speaking volunteers in Oxfordshire (primarily South and Vale) to spare an hour or so per week to help families settle into everyday life.

To improve the lives of clients by enabling digital inclusion; encouraging and supporting clients to access I.T and to build confidence in using a computer.

To encourage and support clients on a one-to-one basis to find suitable employment, volunteering or training.

Can you spare a few hours on occasional early mornings to work alongside our Outreach Support Worker? You will wake up identified rough sleepers with the aim of helping them to access suitable accommodation.

Can you work alongside vulnerable people and empower them to take on their complex social needs?