Autism Service

The Service

Supports adults with autism to be independent, know their options, use their talents and skills and get the best from every situation

What can we help with?

We can support you to explore what you want to do in your life, and help you to look at your potential including work, training and education, social activities, hobbies and sports.

We can support you in a wide variety of ways, to help develop your skills so that you can live as independently as possible – for example:

Cooking cleaning shopping, using household technology (TV, Phones etc)
Healthy lifestyles
Getting to appointments
Budgeting and benefits
Completing forms
Making friends, building your social life
Using technology
Finding alternative accommodation

Do you meet the criteria?

Are you:

Aged over 18
Live in Bucks
On the autism spectrum (you don’t have to have a formal diagnosis)
Don’t get care from Bucks county council or education department
Would like to make changes to your life

How can I apply?

Contact us on 01296 484322 or email or use the referral forms below:

If you need help to complete a form, just give us a call.

Who is the service funded by?