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Connection Support PA Register

People who need support from social or health care, can receive money as a Direct Payment to make their own care arrangements in a way which best suits their personal preferences and unique circumstances.

Connection Support’s PA register aims to help people advertise job roles and support people wishing to work in the care sector to find work.  The register offers a safe space to promote and advertise Personal Assistant job opportunities.

Many people use a Direct Payment to recruit and employ their own care staff.  With the right support to assist with undertaking employer responsibilities, these types of care arrangements have proven successful and work well for all involved.  Personal Assistants can be people known to the person needing support, they could be a family member or friend, whereas others are found from advertising a job position.

There is no set list with the type of support people can look to have help with.  Instead tasks will be relevant to peoples individual needs, interests, hobbies and how they wish to be supported.  As such, the role can be quite varied and include support with personal care, preparing meals, cleaning the home, or help with parenting tasks or accesses facilities in the community such as a gym or activity club.

Personal Assistants on our PA Register are employed directly by the person needing support or by someone acting as their representative.   In the majority of  cases, its not necessary to have any formal training for the role of a Personal Assistant and more around having the right attributes towards supporting someone with a disability.

The Personal Assistant works directly with the individual they are supporting, using a person-centred approach to enable the disabled person live their life according to their wishes and interests.

For PAs/Care Workers

Information for PAs

Information on how to find opportunities through our PA register.

PA Registration

Register as a PA using our online application form.

Active Job Adverts

View active job opportunities for PAs/carers from employers.

For Employers

Information for Employers

Information on how to add vacancies to our PA register.

Active PA Profiles

View information about PA's looking for employment opportunities.

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