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Paul’s experience as a befriender – “I have a better understanding of those who may be less fortunate”

I am a ‘befriender’, I visit someone for about an hour each week. I go for walks and chat about anything and everything. I will also be helping him renew his driving license and look to open a bank account for him. I encourage him to keep his personal hygiene up to a good standard as well as ensuring he keeps his living space clean and tidy.

The company that I work for push ‘social value’, we do volunteering days once a year I and thought that wasn’t enough. So I looked on Indeed and found this opportunity.

I like to see the person I am meeting be happy and progress to make his life a little better. I do find it difficult to keep to about an hour a week, but what with work and home life I have to. I find it very rewarding.

I have a better understanding of those who may be less fortunate and I have also carried out some safeguarding courses which enhance my understanding, this also helps with my day to day job as I work in prisons.

What advice would you give to someone else who was thinking about volunteering at Connection Support?

I would just say give it a go, you may be surprised and you will learn along the way.

The person who interviewed me to start the process was lovely and if I had any doubts, she dispelled them straight away.

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