Step Down Housing

Step Down Housing

The Service

Short-term supported housing (for up to eight weeks) for patients who are medically ready to be discharged from the following Oxford University Hospital and Oxford Health Foundation Trust Hospital sites, but lack suitable accommodation to continue their recovery:

  • Churchill Hospital
  • Community Hospitals
  • Horton Hospital
  • John Radcliffe Hospital
  • Littlemore Hospital
  • Nuffield Hospital
  • Warneford Hospital

Who is this service for?

  • People who may be homeless or have a history of homelessness.
  • People who have their own property but are currently unable to return.
  • Those who have received medical treatment and need suitable accommodation for their needs (which may have changed since hospital admission) and a safe place to continue their recovery in the community.

How will it work?

The client will spend a maximum of eight weeks at one of the Step Down houses with a Support Worker and community medical staff. During this time, their Support Worker will ensure they’re linked to the Homeless Pathway options, local housing team and outreach services whilst they complete their medical rehabilitation. Other support could include benefit claims, healthy living, housing and liaising with appropriate agencies.

After recovery?

Once recovery has been achieved the client will be supported around housing options as appropriate but discharge to the streets may be necessary.

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