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Violence Reduction Service

Violence Reduction Navigators

The Service

Connection Support Navigators provide support and advice to patients as part of the Thames Valley Police Violence Reduction Unit. The service is delivered through a team of trained volunteers we call Navigators.

What can we help with?

The aim of the role is to support the NHS by tackling the revolving door of patients appearing in Accident and Emergency due to complex social issues. Complex social issues navigators may face, although not limited to facing, are existing issues including: substance misuse, mental health, poor diet or poor personal care and violence itself. Navigators will be trained to support and empower patients to communicate with agencies, such as the National Domestic Abuse organisation.

Who is this service for?

This service is for patients visiting the Horton Hospital. Access is via referral from Horton Hospital’s medical team or onsite Navigators.

What can I expect from the service?

Following a referral to a Navigator, patients will have an initial conversation with a Navigator at which they will identify goals the patient would like to achieve with the support of a Navigator.
The goals could involve:

  • Support with housing if homeless or facing homelessness.
  • Support contacting services combating substance abuse.
  • Connecting with GPs or services in hospitals.
  • Connecting with services aiding with eating disorders.
  • Communicate effectively with the council or carers to enable a patient to improve their living standards.

How do we work?

Once a patient has spoken to a Navigator, they will support you to achieve personal goals identified by yourself and the Navigator.
Your Navigator will empower you to meet your goals while you are in the hospital, directing and supporting you to relevant services to continue your path to your goals.
Navigators are there to listen, provide encouragement and support to patients working towards agreed solutions. Navigators may also provide suggestions, advice where appropriate and signpost you to places of support in your local community.

We will offer you a service that is

Non-judgemental, our Navigators are there to provide a listening ear and practical support to all patients coming into the hospital. They want to empower patients and see them achieve their personal goals. All conversations had with Navigators are private, confidential and will not be passed onto other services without your consent.

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