Homeless in Oxfordshire

Are you homeless and sleeping rough in Oxfordshire?

Are you worried about someone who is homeless?

We may be able to support you to take the next steps to find somewhere more permanent to stay.

As part of the Oxfordshire Homeless Pathway we provide short term accommodation and support you to take more control of your health and well-being, money, addiction and other issues, ultimately supporting you to move on to a place of your own.

If you are currently homeless our Rough Sleeper Outreach service could provide you with support around health, money, and moving on from homelessness.

This can include getting somewhere to stay through the Oxfordshire Homeless Pathway

Connection Housing Support Service works with adults who are having problems where they are currently living which undermine their ability to live independently. You may be at risk of being evicted, having problems with money, mental and physical health, drug and/or alcohol dependency or other issues. We can support you to regain control of your situation.

For more information or to discuss any of our projects or services in Oxfordshire, please call: 01865 711267 or use the contact form