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Direct Payment and Employment Support Service Oxfordshire

Our Services

Our Direct Payment and Employment Support Services are offered to people in Oxfordshire who receive a social or health care budget to buy services and are seeking help with managing the money and making payments. We also help people wishing to set up more tailored support arrangements such as employing their own personal assistants (PAs) and provide independent information and advice on all aspects of how a Direct Payment can be used and the benefits and responsibilities of being an employer.

Our services can be purchased from a Direct Payment and there are various support options with pricing below.

We have also created free useful resources including guides, FAQs, forms and templates for clients who are receiving Direct Payments, please visit our Resources page.

What can we help with?

  • Finding and recruiting Personal Assistants.
  • Employment advice and support.
  • A Payroll Service to administrate wages and pension auto-enrolment.
  • Managing the Direct Payment funds in a dedicated Holding Account for you.

Our Direct Payment Support Services

Connection Support is an experienced independent provider of Direct Payment support services. We have extensive knowledge of using Direct Payments in a way that is more relevant to individual circumstances and have helped many people in Oxfordshire to successfully use them. We also understand the challenges involved with setting up care and support arrangements and offer to support people in a way that gives them time to digest complex information and builds confidence with using a Direct Payment or becoming an employer.

We offer the following paid-for services on their own or as a mix:

Recruitment & Employment Support

Helping people advertise, recruit and budget for PA’s, create job descriptions and employment contracts, and advise in all aspects of the role of the employer and the responsibilities involved. Employers also receive regular information bulletins and updates to assist them with managing their ongoing responsibilities.

Payroll Service

Administrating PAYE on behalf of the employer, supporting with pension auto-enrolment set up and advising with making payments into a pension scheme and to HMRC.

DP Holding Account Service

Helping people administrate their Direct Payment money and make payments to services, including employed PA’s on their behalf. Offering advice with using services, providing people with statements of their DP income and spending, and submitting monitoring information to the Council every quarter.

Please view the table below for DP Support Service Charges Breakdown for details of our Direct Payment Support Options.

Recruitment Support

One Off Charge

1 PA: £342.06
2 - 4 PA's: £507.18
5 plus: £731.29
DBS Check: £51.60

Payroll Support Service

Annual On -Going Charges

Up to 2 PA's: £306.67
Additional PA's: £58.98 each

DP Holding Account Service

Annual Charge: £412.82

  1. Recruitment Support
  2. Payroll Service


Recruitment for 2 - 4 PA's - £507.18 one -off cost

Discounted Payroll Service

Annual cost up to 2 PA's - £271.28 or £11.80 per week

Additional PA's requiring payroll charged at £58.98 each, per year

  1. Recruitment Support
  2. DP Holding Account Service
  3. Payroll Service


Recruitment for 2 - 4 PA's - £507.18 one -off cost

Discounted DP Holding Account with Payroll

Annual cost up to 2 PA's - £648.72 or £12.48 per week

Additional PA's requiring payroll charged at £58.98 each, per year

Connection Support will send you an invoice after working out the best support package for your needs.

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