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Care & Support Options in Milton Keynes provides a range of services to support people who are eligible to receive care and support service from Milton Keynes Council Social Services.  Our DP Employment Advisors can help with planning and finding care and support at home, using a Direct Payment and employing care staff (personal assistants).  Our advice is independent from the local authority.

We have compiled some useful resources to help you navigate three key areas of your care and support.

Direct Payment Service

We can provide information and advice on all aspects of taking your personal budget as a Direct Payment to buy services from organisations or to employ personal assistants. We can help you to get everything set up and ready to use. 

You will find our Direct Payment Guide a useful resource which also contains examples of how a Direct Payment has been used. Connection Support has created an Easy Read Guide to Direct Payments.

You may find it useful to have to hand our Care Agency Checklist when considering buying the services of a care agency.

Employment Advice and Support

If you are considering employing a personal assistant, our DP Employment Advisors provide both general information and advice as well as in-depth guidance with understanding the benefits and responsibilities of directly employing personal assistants to provide care, help to find and employ personal assistants and ongoing advice with being an employer.

Our Employment Guide and Recruitment Guide provide invaluable information if you would like to employ your own personal assistant. In line with employer responsibilities under GDPR we have created a GDPR Template and Employee Consent Form for you to complete.

We have produced Guides and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on a number of topics, please take a look at our list of downloadable resources in the yellow box opposite. We will be regularly updating and adding to these resources.

If you have any further questions please call our Support Helpline on 01908 101346.


We hope you find these resources useful:

COVID-19 Related Information

Government Update – Using direct payments during the coronavirus outbreak: full guidance for people receiving direct payments and personal assistants

Updated government guidance – COVID-19 and using DPs – Sept 2020

Coronavirus Guidance – 1 April 2020

Coronavirus FAQ March 2020

General Resources to Download

Direct Payment Guide

Direct Payment Responsibilities Checklist

Direct Payment Users and DBS Checks 

Easy Read Guide to Direct Payments

Employment Guide

Employer Contingency and Action Plan

Additional Employer Q&As – April 2020

Employer Responsibilities Checklist

Employment Status of a PA (2021/22)  (with thanks to the Chartered Institute of Taxation)

GDPR Template and Employee Consent Form


Pensions FAQs

Recruitment Guide

Support Planning Guide

Contact us

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Holding Account: 01908 101347 

Payroll: 01908 101348 

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